How Klipfolio Works

Connect to your data.

Connect to any data service to bring your key numbers together on one dashboard.

Mashup and calculate.

Combine multiple data sources to create insights as unique as your business.

Create visualizations.

Assign your data to visualizations to show the story behind the numbers.

Roll it out.

Cultivate a data-driven culture by sharing dashboards with everyone on your team.



Leverage our pre-built KlipStart dashboards if you have Google Analytics or Google AdWords

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Klip Gallery

Use the templates from our Klip Gallery to add key metrics to your dashboard

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Build Your Own

Build your own dashboards and visuals by connecting to your data sources.

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We our customers

Simon Schweingruber

"We tested a lot of tools and decided on Klipfolio because it offers a lot of flexibility, great looks and a very attractive price." [More]

Simon Schweingruber, CEO / Partner at DWB

Andrew Hart

"I had trialled a number of other dashboards before Klipfolio and simply could not get them to do what I wanted! I’m loving using this tool." [More]

Andrew Hart, Operations Director at SAT 7

Daniel Opler

"Klipfolio is so easy to work with, that we managed to be up and running almost immediately. You do not even have to be an experienced programmer."

Daniel Opler, Yield Manager at Danish Publisher Network

Morten Elk

"We use Klipfolio to visualize progress on our most important agendas. It provides great transparency, is surprisingly easy to integrate, and aligns the entire company around our most important goals."

Morten Elk, CEO at SimpleSite

Augusto Savio Cavalcanti

"We have been working with Klipfolio for almost a year and love it. Instead of many dissociated reports, we now have a single comprehensive view of data from across the company. Kudos and many thanks to the team at Klipfolio!"

Augusto Cavalcanti, President & CEO at Daitan Group

Joe Davy

"Klipfolio is simply the best dashboarding tool I’ve ever used. It gives marketing the power to build valuable dashboards without the help of engineering."

Joe Davy, General Manager at Avalara

Aleš Bernášek

"I tried about a dozen different services and chose Klipfolio because it was the perfect fit in terms of functionality, appearance and flexibility."

Aleš Bernášek, Senior Product Manager at O2

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