Facebook Engagement Dashboard

This article includes answers to some common questions about the Facebook Engagement Dashboard.

Why don’t these numbers match the numbers I see when I log into Facebook?

Great question. We wanted to show you the impact of the content you’ve posted in the last 30 days. This way, your reach, impressions, clicks etc. metrics will not be skewed based on content you posted ages ago. By assessing how recent posts are performing, you can tweak your Facebook strategy until you have it down to a perfect science.

Aren’t my ‘least engaging posts’ always going to be the ones I posted today?

Naturally, you won't have a high number of impressions, clicks, likes, etc. on fresh content you've just posted today. That's why this Klip only looks at posts from 30 days ago to yesterday.

How do I adjust the date range?

You can adjust the dates although it would be a bit tricky and takes time to do.

If you're interested in tackling it, you could:

  1. Edit one of the Klips in the top row (e.g. Impressions)
  2. Open the 4 data sources by clicking the small "i" in the data sources tab at the bottom of your screen
  3. Notice that each of these data sources pulls in metrics for a specified period of time. You can tell based on the title of the data source (e.g. Facebook Post Metrics (Last Period: Day 1-15)). The trick is going to be to modify the queries for each of these 4 data sources for the date range you're interested in.
  4. For each of the four data sources, click Reconfigure data source
  5. Modify the query to the date range of your choice by replacing since={date.add(-14).format()}&until={date.add(1).format()} with the date range you are interested in. Note that depending on how large of a date range you choose, and how often you post on Facebook, you may not retrieve the full data set (you can try changing this by increasing the limit=100 parameter but I believe Facebook has a max of 500).
  6. Once you have made changes to all four data sources, click save.
  7. Your dashboard should now update with the new date range.

If you encounter any issues while editing your dashboard, you can delete the dashboard (and all of it's klips and data sources) and add it again from www.klipfolio.com/gallery/dashboards. And as always, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for help.

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