Google Analytics Website Overview Dashboard

This article includes answers to some common questions about the Google Analytics Website Overview Dashboard.

Why don’t the numbers match what I see in Google Analytics when I select This Year or This Month?

Because today’s date is included in This Year and This Month. There might be a little bit of a lag between the data seen in Google Analytics and what Google Analytics provides via their API.

How are targets calculated in the Audience Metrics vs Targets Klip?

Notice that the target you enter is your daily target. If you leave this field blank, the value shown is based on the previous period selected.

The value you enter as the daily target will be adjusted based on the date range selected. For example, let’s suppose that today is March 15th, that your daily target for your website is 100 users, and that you’ve selected This Month for the date range. Your target would be 15 days x 100 users/day = 1,500 users.

If the value for your current period exceeds your target, the bars turn green, otherwise they are red.

How does the granularity of my data change?

Depending on the time period you’ve chosen, you may see data aggregated by day or by month. In general, if the time period exceeds 62 days (for example Last 365 Days, Last 90 Days, etc.) then data is grouped by month across sparklines, bar-charts, etc.

Why is my goal not showing up?

The Google Analytics API supports up to 50 Profile ID's. If you have more than 50, your additional goals may not appear. 

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