How do the Dashboard Gallery and Klip Gallery work?

Klipfolio gives you the opportunity to visualize your data much faster than building from scratch using pre-built content from the Klip Gallery and the Dashboard Gallery. As long as the external service contains data that you want to visualize, and Klipfolio has a Gallery integration with it, you can display your data on Klips and dashboards that have been built in consultation with industry experts.

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Where do I access pre-built dashboards?

You can access pre-built dashboards on the Dashboard Gallery page on the Klipfolio website or from within your Klipfolio account.

To add a pre-built dashboard from your Klipfolio account:

  1. Click Dashboards > Dashboard Gallery.
  2. Click Learn More to get details for a specific dashboard.
  3. Click Get this dashboard + to add a dashboard to your account.

Where do I browse pre-built Klips?

To find a list of all pre-built Klips in Klipfolio,

  1. Click Add a Klip in the top-left corner of your dashboard.
  2. From the Klip Gallery, select from the list of Klips. 

 What kind of content is provided in the Klip Gallery?

The Klip Gallery includes the following types of content:

  • Sample Metrics - Sample Metrics enable you to see how others use Klipfolio. Adding a Sample Metric Klip to your dashboard can help inspire you when creating your own Klips. We suggest you click the three-dot Menu icon on the Klip and choose Edit Klip to see first-hand how the Klip was built - from formulas to colours and fonts.

  • Visualizations - From bubble charts to vertical gauges, see all of the visualization options available to you in Klipfolio.

  • Categories - Browse a variety of Klips from different services that are suited to various business applications. For example, you can choose Social Media Marketing KPIs and build a social media dashboard that includes data from sources such as Facebook and Twitter. Some categories were built to show data as recommended by industry leaders, for example, the Rand Fishkin Dashboard.

  • Services - The majority of the Klip Gallery is made up of services, such as Shopify and Intercom. You access these services to build and add Klips to your dashboard that show metrics from the services you use regularly.

What is Sample Data and how do I connect my data?

When you add a Klip from Dashboard Gallery, it displays Sample Data by default. This enables you to immediately see Klips with realistic example data. To create meaningful visualizations, you need to substitute this Sample Data with your own.

To replace the sample data with your own data for a Klip, hover over the Sample Data banner and click Connect your Data when it displays. Follow the steps to set up the Klip with your own data.

If you want to connect all the Klips in Sample Data mode on your dashboard, click the Connect your Data button at the top of the dashboard (which only appears when there are Klips in Sample Data mode), and go through the flow of connecting all your Klips from left to right.

Note about the mobile app: The Sample Data banner is not clickable in the Klipfolio mobile app. If you want to show your data in the mobile app, go back to the dashboard on your desktop computer, click Connect your Data and follow the prompts to connect. Once all your data is connected, your own data should appear in the mobile app, and the sample data banner will disappear.

How do I remove a Klip from my pre-built dashboard?

You can remove Klips and dashboards from view by clicking their three-dot Menu icon, and then selecting Remove from dashboard.

Remove from Dashboard does not delete any of your assets. Klips, dashboards, and data sources are still available for you to select from their lists in the side navigation bar. For example, most pre-built dashboards come with an introduction to the dashboard and how it works. When this Klip is no longer useful to you, you can remove it from your dashboard just like any other Klip.

To learn more about where all your content is stored, see Where do I find my dashboards, Klips and data sources?

How do I modify my Klip?

There are three ways you can modify a Klip from the Dashboard Gallery:

Reconfigure the Klip

After adding a Klip from the Gallery and connecting your data, you can change the data that is displayed on your Klip by selecting the Reconfigure option. On the Klip that you want to reconfigure, click the Menu icon and select Reconfigure. Important! The option to Reconfigure a Klip is lost when you select 'Edit...' and make changes using the Klip Editor.

Edit the Klip

Pre-built Klips and dashboards were created to make your reporting faster and easier with industry recommended pre-built visualizations. Klips are fully editable, but we recommend you have an understanding of how to build Klips from scratch before editing them. To start learning how to build Klips from scratch (and more!), see Klipfolio Courses.

Re-add the Klip from the Gallery

If you want to change the data a Klip is displaying without losing the original Klip, you can go back to the Gallery where you got that Klip and add it to your dashboard again, and when you connect your data, choose different settings.

How do I share my Klips and dashboards?

After setting up your pre-built dashboards and Klips, you're now ready to share them with your team. There are several different ways to share depending on your needs:

  • Download a PDF - You can download a PDF version of your dashboard and use it any way you choose, for example as part of a monthly report. To learn more, see Downloading a dashboard and all of its Klips to your computer.
  • Email - You can email a PDF or image of your dashboard or Klip to anyone with a valid email address. To learn more, see Emailing a snapshot of a dashboard and all of its Klips.
  • Adding users and groups to your account - You can add users and groups to your account to view and interact with your dashboards, Klips, and data sources. To learn more, see Adding new users.
  • Sharing dashboards, Klips, and data sources within your Klipfolio account - You can share your dashboards, Klips, and data sources with users and groups in your account. To learn more, see sharing dashboards, sharing Klips, and sharing data sources. To learn more, see Adding new groups.
  • Publish Links - A great way to showcase your dashboards is by publishing a link. Read this article to learn more: How do I share my dashboards using published links?
  • Mobile App - A convenient way for you and your team to check the numbers is by using the mobile app. However, keep in mind that some pre-built dashboards look great on mobile, while others are built to be viewed on a computer. To learn more, see Download App and Design Tips for Mobile.
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