Pre-built Klip dashboards and the Dashboard Gallery

Pre-built Klip dashboards are an effective way to quickly gather thematically-related Klips into a single, purposeful dashboard. Visualize your data faster than building from scratch using pre-built content from the Dashboard Gallery.

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How do I add a pre-built dashboard?

You can access pre-built dashboards from the Dashboard Gallery page on the Klipfolio website or from within your Klipfolio account.

To add a pre-built dashboard from your Klipfolio account:

  1. In the left navigation sidebar, click Dashboards > Dashboard Gallery.

As you browse the available dashboards, click Learn more to get more details about a dashboard.

  1. Click Get this dashboard + to add a dashboard to your account.

Note: Most of our pre-built dashboards include an introductory Klip at the top with an overview of the dashboard and its visualizations. If desired, this Klip can be removed.

How do I connect my data to my pre-built dashboard?

When you add a pre-built dashboard, its Klips display sample data. To create meaningful visualizations, you will need to replace the sample data with your own data.

To connect all the Klips in sample data mode on your dashboard, click the Connect Your Data button at the top of the dashboard (which only displays when there are Klips in sample data mode) and go through the flow of connecting all your Klips from left to right.

Alternatively, you can connect Klips individually by selecting the 3-dot menu for each Klip and selecting Connect your data.

Note about the mobile app: The Connect Your Data button doesn’t display in the Klipfolio mobile app. You need to connect your data from your desktop. Once your data is connected, your own data will display in the mobile app.

How do I remove a Klip from my pre-built dashboard?

You remove a Klip from a dashboard by clicking its 3-dot menu and then selecting Remove from dashboard.

Note: When you remove Klips from a dashboard, the Klip can still be accessed from your list of Klips, by clicking Klips in the left navigation sidebar.

To learn more about where all your content is stored, see Where do I find my dashboards, Klips, data sources, and users?

How do I share my pre-built dashboards?

Now that you've set up your pre-built dashboards, they're ready to share them with your team. Learn more about the dashboard sharing methods.

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