Where do I find my dashboards, Klips, and data sources?

Everything you create in Klipfolio is automatically saved. There are three different places where your assets are stored: your asset lists, My Klips, and the Dashboard Library.

Tip! Give your dashboards, Klips and data sources meaningful names to make them easier to find.

Asset lists

Your asset lists are the master storage place for all of your dashboards, Klips, and data sources. From your lists, you can click on the name of an asset to find out more information, or you can select the check box next to the asset's name and either share or delete it permanently.

To find your asset lists:

  • In the left navigation bar, click either Dashboards, Klips, or Data Sources.

Note:Check the icons under Format in the data source list to see a data source’s format type.
The format types are:

  • Tree-structured data (  )
  • Tabular data (  )
  • Modelled data source (  )

To learn more, see Introduction to data sources.

My Klips

My Klips is a convenient and accessible way to see all the Klips you have created and add them to any dashboard.

To find My Klips:

  1. On your dashboard, click Add a Klip.
  2. In the Add a Klip popup, select My Klips.
  3. Use the dropdown menu to filter your Klips, and the search bar to find a particular Klip.

Dashboard Library

Clicking the + sign on your dashboard enables you to do three things: add a blank dashboard, add a new dashboard from the Gallery, and browse a library of all the dashboards you have created.

To find the Dashboard Library:

  1. Beside Active Dashboards, click the + sign.
  2. Under Dashboard Library, browse all the dashboards you have created. Use the search bar and the left and right arrow keys to move from page to page in the Dashboard Library.