PowerMetrics: Token expiry email notifications

Tokens for some services expire after a set period of time and need to be re-authenticated. To help you avoid disruptions in your data, we’ll send the creator of the token an email 7 and 2 days before token expiry for the following services: QuickBooks, Xero, Facebook, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft OneDrive (with support for more services soon!)

Note: Email notifications are sent for tokens that are about to expire, not for tokens that have been revoked or have already expired.

What's included in the email notification?

The email notification includes the following information:

  • The name of the associated service, for example, QuickBooks.
  • The name of the token.
  • The token's expiry date.
  • A "Re-authenticate" link, which takes you to the connection page for the token in PowerMetrics, where you can quickly and easily re-authenticate your token.
  • A "Manage notification settings" link, which takes you to PowerMetrics where you can enable or disable email notifications. Note: Disabling email notifications here also disables other email notification types (for example, goal notifications). However, if subscribed, you'll continue to receive email notifications for sharing.
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