Why is my Google Analytics metric data off by one day when compared to my Google Analytics report data?

You may notice the data in your Google Analytics metrics is slightly out of alignment with the data in your Google Analytics reports. For example, your metric values are off by one day, either showing the previous or following day when compared to your Google Analytics report data.

This happens because there's a lack of time zone information provided by Google Analytics when exporting data to PowerMetrics. No worries - this misalignment is easily corrected by applying the “Universal” custom time zone setting to your metric.

To apply the “Universal” custom time zone setting:

  1. Click the date range for an open metric (or for a dashboard or on your metric list page).
    date range selector
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the date range options and click Time zone settings.
    time zone settings
  3. Select Universal from the drop-down list and click Apply.
    selecting universal time zone
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