Metric dashboard overview (video)

Follow along with our co-founder Allan Wille as he walks you through some of the great features you'll find in metric dashboards.

Note: Since we produced this video, we’ve added a lot more customization options to dashboards. Go here to learn more.

See how you can:

  • Add related metrics to a dashboard to tell a unified data story.  You can add images and text too!
  • Take a single metric and visualize it from multiple perspectives by quickly and easily duplicating it. Then adjust the display and data settings for each duplicated metric view. 
  • Apply dashboard-wide settings (adjust the date range and add filters).
  • Customize your dashboard by changing the layout and applying different chart colours, including custom colours!
  • Choose default settings before sharing.
  • Share live dashboards with your team or download dashboards as pdfs for printing and presentations.

Watch the video demo:

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