Applying custom colours to your dashboard background

Show off your unique brand and personality by applying colours to your dashboard and widget backgrounds. Use our default options (they're based on whether you're in light or dark mode) or get imaginative and create your own custom colours.


  • This feature is included in all of our paid plans. On a free plan and want to upgrade? Learn how here.
  • This article describes how to add custom colours to dashboard and widget backgrounds. You can also apply colours to dashboard charts. Learn more here.

To apply custom colours:

  1. In an open dashboard, click theEdit button in the upper-right corner.
  2. In the dashboard toolbar, click Dashboard settings.

The dashboard settings panel opens.

  1. Under Colours, select the toggle to use custom dashboard colours for your dashboard and widget backgrounds or deselect the toggle to use the default light or dark mode colours.

  1. Click the colour cube beside Dashboard background and Widget background and select the desired colour for each: Choose a preset colour, or enter a hexadecimal colour code, or enter R G B values, or use the sliding colour selector scale.

Note: The first time you toggle on the “Use custom dashboard colours” setting for a new dashboard, you’ll see our default custom colours for light or dark mode. After customizing colours, if you want to return to the default custom colours, click Reset to default colour. (See below.)

  1. When you’re done making changes, click Save dashboard.
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