Sharing dashboards with published views

As we all know, sharing metric data encourages collaboration and keeps everyone informed and focussed on common goals. Published views are a convenient, secure way to share metric dashboards.

With published views, you can share either internally with your team or externally (even if recipients don’t have a Klipfolio account). Published dashboard views can be consumed on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers and displayed on large TVs throughout the office (with 1080p and 4K resolutions). They’re also perfect for presentations when you want to tell your data story to others.

There are a few sharing options available:

  • No access - Choose this setting for confidential dashboards you don’t want to share.
  • Public access - Anyone with the link can view the dashboard.
  • Passcode access - Anyone with the link and a passcode can view the dashboard.


  • We're gradually releasing published views to paid plans. If you want access to this feature but don't see it yet, please contact us at
  • Published views are not supported in iframes.

This article includes:

About published views

Here are a few things to note about published views:

Published views are included in all of our paid plans. On a free plan and want to upgrade? Learn how here.

Published views are not indexed by search engines (e.g., Google). So, you can be sure your dashboards are only shared with the people you want to share them with.

Shared published views are automatically updated on a frequent basis to include all changes that are made to the original, shared dashboard. These updates can include personalizations, like choosing different chart types and filters or adding new metrics to the dashboard, as well as changes in the data from automatic refreshes and manual edits. It’s important to remember that the published view mirrors the original dashboard. If you want to share a controlled, specific view of a dashboard, we suggest duplicating the dashboard and creating a separate version of it that’s for published view consumption only.

Dashboards that are shared as a published view are always “view only”. They can’t be edited by the recipient regardless of their user role and permissions within PowerMetrics.

You must be assigned to the PowerMetrics Editor role to share dashboards as published views. Learn more about roles and permissions.

If you want to share the most recent view of a dashboard then published views are the answer. If you’d rather share a static, in-the-moment version of a dashboard, you can share a PDF of the dashboard instead. Learn how to download and print dashboards as PDFs.

Sharing a published view of a dashboard

You can create one published view per dashboard and provide either public or passcode access.

To share a dashboard as a published view:

  1. With the dashboard open, click the Share button in the upper-right corner of the window.

The published view sharing options display under Share with everyone. Note that the initial, default setting for all dashboards is “No access”.

  1. Click the drop-down arrow to choose from No access, Public access, and Passcode access.

  1. If you select No access, then no published view will be generated for the dashboard.

You can also select No access to remove the published view for a dashboard you no longer want to share or to start over and create a new link for the dashboard.

  1. If you select Public access, a published view and shareable link will be generated.
  • You’ll see this pop-up when the published view link is ready to copy and share:

  • Click Copy link. Then, give the link to those you want to share the dashboard with.

  1. If you select Passcode access, a published view, shareable link, and secure passcode will be generated.
  • You’ll see this pop-up when the published view link is ready to copy and share:

  • Click Copy link. Then, give the link to those you want to share the dashboard with.
  • Click the Copy button beside the passcode. Then, give the passcode to those you want to share the dashboard with.

Checking to see if a dashboard has a published view

From an open dashboard, if you click Share, you can see if a dashboard has a published link, who created it, and when. (See below.)

Published view limits

The number of published views you can create is based on your pricing plan. If you see the following message, it means you either need to remove one or more published views to make room for more or upgrade to a plan that includes more published views.

To look at available plans and consider which one to upgrade to, click View plan to open the Plans page.

To remove existing published views, open the relevant dashboard, click Share, and change its published view setting to No access.

Receiving and interacting with published views

When you receive a link to a published view, simply paste the link into your browser. If applicable, enter the passcode when prompted.

The published view is frequently updated so you can stay on top of changes, either in the data as it refreshes or when the dashboard creator modifies the dashboard content and display.

Note: Published dashboard views are read-only – you can’t edit them.

In a published view of a dashboard, you can:

  • Expand and collapse the dashboard - by clicking the and buttons in the upper-right corner of the window.
  • View the dashboard in light or dark mode - by clicking the and buttons in the upper-right corner of the window. (Initially, the published view uses the mode that was set by the sharer but you can switch it.)
    Note: If the sharer applied custom dashboard/widget background colours, the light and dark mode buttons will not display.
  • See dashboard filters - by mousing over the filters at the top of the dashboard.
  • View values as labels - by mousing over the chart(s).
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