Klips: How do I import data from a large (>10MB) Google Sheet?

Google Drive has a limit of 10MB per file export. This means that Google Sheets files over 10MB cannot be imported into Klipfolio. In most cases, only a subset of data from a large Sheets file is needed when working in Klipfolio. But, if there are formulas or calculations being performed in the main sheet, it can be pretty difficult to copy and paste data into a smaller sheet. 

This article shows you a great trick for reducing Google Sheets file size without compromising your original data!

Follow the steps below to use the IMPORTRANGE formula in Google Sheets to import only the necessary data into Klipfolio, without breaking any existing formulas or data relationships in your main spreadsheet.

  1. Create a new Google Sheets file.
  2. In a cell in the new file, insert the IMPORTRANGE formula using the following arguments:
  • First, the full URL of the Sheet you would like to pull data from.
  • Second, the cell reference to that sheet for the relevant data (ie “Sheet1!A:Z”).

This will return an exact copy of the data in your original spreadsheet and will automatically update as new changes are made to your original spreadsheet. 

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