PowerMetrics: How do I remove data services?

Data for your metrics comes from data services. These include applications like Google Analytics 4 and Facebook but also local files, files that are stored or shared in the cloud, and files that are accessed from FTP, SFTP, and SQL databases. The number of data services you can access depends on your pricing plan.

Note: When you delete a data service, metrics that were using it will no longer update.

How will I know I've reached my maximum data services?

If you see a message like this when adding metrics, you’ve reached the maximum number of data services for your plan:

You can continue adding metrics for the data services you've connected to so far. To access more data services, click Upgrade (to move to a more comprehensive plan) or, if you’re using a paid plan, you can contact us at success@klipfolio.com to purchase the Data Service Top-Up. You can alternatively reduce the number of data services you're currently using.

How do I remove data services from my account?

To remove data services from your account, you need to remove their associated data feeds or data sources.

For example, to remove the LinkedIn Ads data service:

If your account has data feeds:

  1. Click Data Feeds in the left navigation sidebar. This opens your list of data feeds.
  2. Select all LinkedIn Ads data feeds from the list.
  3. Click the Delete button on the top-left of the page.

If your account has data sources:

  1. Click your Account Name in the left navigation sidebar and select Data Sources. This opens your list of data sources.
  2. Select all LinkedIn Ads data sources from the list.
  3. Click Delete.
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