Managing metric dashboards

You can see and manage all of your dashboards in one place on the Dashboards page. To open it, click Dashboards (located in the left navigation sidebar). You can also find dashboards in your account using the Search feature. Learn more here.

access list of dashboards

There are many things you can do on this page, including the following:

Note: PowerMetrics Contributor is a built-in role that’s designed for users who work almost exclusively with dashboards. When assigned to this role you can view, create, edit, share, and delete metric dashboards. Learn more about roles and permissions.

Viewing dashboard details

The following details display for each dashboard in the list:

  • The dashboard name
  • The dashboard owner
  • When the dashboard was created
  • When the dashboard was last updated

You can also click the 3-dot menu at the end of each row to access the following actions for the dashboard: Share, Add to starred, Duplicate, and Delete.

Finding specific dashboards

To find a specific dashboard, enter its name (or the name of its owner) in the Search field. To display only the dashboards you created, click the Display field and select Created by me.

Note: If you’re doing a string-based search (more than 1 word, separated by spaces) enclose your string in quotes (“ “). Otherwise, your search will filter based on each individual word you enter in your string.

filtering the dashboard list

When you select a dashboard from the list, it opens and is added to your list of Recent dashboards (displayed in the left navigation sidebar under Dashboards > Recent). Your 5 most recently opened, unstarred dashboards display there, in alphabetical order. To open a dashboard in a new tab, click "Ctrl + click" (for Windows) or "Command + click" (for macOS).

To get quick access to the dashboards you refer to most often, add them to your Starred list. Then, open the dashboard you want by selecting it from the list under Dashboards > Starred in the left navigation sidebar.

There are a few ways to add a dashboard to your Starred list:

  • In your list of Dashboards, click the 3-dot menu for a dashboard. Then, click Add to Starred (or Remove from Starred). Alternatively, you can hover to the left of the dashboard’s name in the list and perform the same actions.
  • In an open dashboard, click the 3-dot menu in the top-right corner of the window and select Add to Starred. Alternatively, you can click the Add to Starred (star icon) in the upper-right corner of the window.

Sharing dashboards

Click the 3-dot menu at the end of a row and select Share to share the dashboard. Go here for more detailed information on sharing dashboards.

Duplicating dashboards

Click the 3-dot menu at the end of a row and select Duplicate to make a copy of the dashboard. After duplicating a dashboard it will display at the top of your dashboard list as "Copy of <original dashboard's name>".

Note: You must be the owner of the dashboard or, if it's shared with you, you must have edit access to it to be able to duplicate it.

Adding and deleting dashboards

When you add a dashboard, you can either add a new, empty dashboard and then add metrics to it or add a dashboard template, which comes already populated with essential metrics for popular services. Both dashboard versions are fully customizable. Learn more about dashboard templates here.

To add a dashboard:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the Dashboards page, click + New Dashboard.
  2. Select New blank dashboard or Browse dashboard templates.
  3. If desired, click the default dashboard name (above the toolbar) and enter a new name.
  4. Click Save dashboard.

To delete a dashboard:

You can delete individual dashboards or select multiple dashboards to delete them all at once.

  • To delete an individual dashboard, click the 3-dot menu at the end of a row and select Delete.
  • To delete multiple dashboards, select the checkbox beside the name of each dashboard and click the delete button Delete button on the upper-left.

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