PowerMetrics: Tips for handling common errors

Here are some common errors you may see in PowerMetrics, along with some troubleshooting tips. If you’re facing any of these errors and require additional help, submit a ticket to support@klipfolio.com and our team will be happy to assist. Please provide information about the error and ensure that support access is enabled for your account.

OAuth token errors

403 forbidden / expired / errored service credentials

OAuth tokens for external data services can fail for a number of reasons. For example, tokens for some services expire if you don’t reauthorize them on a regular basis. Some services may require you to reauthorize an existing connection if the access permissions for the authenticated user have changed. To find specific details about why your token may be failing, you can view a data feed’s refresh failure error logs. Go here for more examples and OAuth FAQs and to learn how to manually reauthorize your tokens. Learn more about managing your account connections.

Data feed failures

If your data feed is failing to refresh or displaying in your list of data feeds with an error, you can refer to this guide on troubleshooting data feed errors. If you still need help, reach out to support@klipfolio.com. Let us know where you’re seeing the error and include screenshots, if applicable.

Errors when creating metrics

“Unable to get ingestion map”

This error occurs when more than 20 years of data are included in your data feed when creating a metric. It’s often caused by a malformed date entry in the data, for example, a value of 2002 was entered instead of 2022. This error can also occur when the date input format in the data feed is not consistent across the full data set. We recommend you review your date column to ensure formatting is consistent and years are entered correctly. Learn more about preparing spreadsheets for data feeds.

“Maximum ingestion limit reached for your account”

If you see this error, ensure that the data feed used to create the metric has fewer than 50k rows (for a free account) or 100k rows (for a paid account). If this error is appearing elsewhere in your account, submit a support ticket to support@klipfolio.com. Include details on where you’re seeing the error and which metric(s) or data feed(s) are impacted. For more information, see “What does the “maximum data ingestion limit” error message mean?”

Query builder errors

You work in the query builder when you create or edit data feeds for the following services: Airtable, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics 4, HubSpot, Instagram Business, LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Pages, Mailchimp, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Shopify, Smartsheet, Stripe, X Ads (Twitter Ads), Xero, YouTube, Zendesk, and Zuora.

In this article we describe some common errors you may see when working in the query builder. Go here for additional resources and tips.

Query builder: Not service-specific

“Not able to save and continue. Please try again later or try using a shorter date range in your query. If you need help, contact Support.“

This error can occur when the data returned by your query is too large to save. To correct this, apply a filter to your query to reduce the data being returned. For example, apply a filter to a date field to shorten the range of data being returned or filter on a segment of your data to only include relevant values. Go here for more information on filtering data in the query builder.

Query builder: HubSpot

“Error 504 - Request failed with status code 504”

This error occurs when retrieving HubSpot data for a data feed and the query times out. This happens when too much data is being requested. Go here to learn how to prevent this error using HubSpot lists to pre-filter your contacts data.

Query builder: Google Analytics 4

[EXPECTED_FILTERS_ON_DATE_RANGE] Expects filters on the following field to limit a finite date range

Google Ads requires a finite date range to be defined, so you need to add both a start and end date in the filter for 'Date'. For example, in addition to the condition that the dates are after 6 months ago, you'll need another condition that specifies dates should be before today. See this example:

Google Ads date filtering example

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