How to build Inline Frame components


Component Inline Frame (iframe)
Overview The Inline Frame component lets you display web content such as widgets, flash, videos, or web pages on your dashboard.
Key Features Assign a URL to the Inline Frame
Customize the height of the Inline Frame component
Embed the Inline Frame component on your website

Important: Use "https" to begin the URL when you are using a Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari web browser. These web browsers do not allow the use of non secure content (http) within a secure (https) environment.


The Inline Frame component is ideal for displaying web content on your dashboard so that you can view relevant content, such as data coming from a widget in a single location. This component supports widgets, flash, videos, and website navigation.

This is an example of the Inline Frame component displaying the weather from The Weather Channel.

Component Structure

Here is the structure of the Inline Frame component. This area of the Klip Editor is called the Component Tree.

Key Features

This section provides examples of the different ways to use the Inline Frame component.

Assigning a URL

To build an Inline Frame component Klip, you will need to have the following two windows open:

  1. The Klip Editor
  2. The web page you want to display

To retrieve a URL

  1. Navigate to the page you want to display.
  2. Copy the URL.

Note: The URL must include https:// for example, ",-75.70".

To insert the URL in the Klip Editor

In the Klip Editor:

  1. Drag an Inline Frame component into the Klip workspace. The Data panel automatically appears.
  2. Replace the existing text between the quotes with your URL.

Customizing the Inline Frame component

On the Properties panel of the Klip Editor, you can adjust size and overflow options.


Choose from Small to X-Large or select Custom, and adjust the height in pixels. 400 px for example.

Overflow Choose Auto Scrollbars if you want your Klip to show a scrollbar.
Refresh Choose an appropriate refresh rate

Embedding a Klip on a website

Some Klipfolio customers use the Inline Frame component to embed their dashboard on a website. To do this you can use the Klipfolio URL.

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