Klip Gallery: Social Media Followers - Multiple data sources

Monitor all of your key social media metrics in a single Klip!

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What you'll need:

  • Your Facebook Login credentials and your Facebook Page Name or Page ID
  • Your Twitter Login credentials and your Twitter handle
  • Your Youtube login credentials and your Youtube Channel ID
  • Your LinkedIn Login credentials and your LinkedIn Company ID
  • Your Instagram login credentials
  • Your Google login credentials

Connection flow: Phase 1

Location Action
To add the Social Media Followers Klip to your dashboard, you will need to authenticate with each data source.

For each service, use the drop-down menu to Select a token or Create a new OAuth token, and log in to your accounts.

Useful Tips:
  • Use the account names and credetials that are linked to your company pages.
  • Use the same Google token for both YouTube and Google+. You have one token for all your Google platforms. Only the newest Google token works; old tokens are automatically disabled when new ones are created.
  • OAuth Tokens a way to connect to third party web sites without compromising the privacy of your access credentials. To learn more, see Managing OAuth Tokens.
Once you have a token for each service, click Next Step.

Connection flow: Phase 2

Now that you have logged in to your company accounts, you can now provide:

Find your Facebook Page Name

Location Action
  • Open your Facebook company page.
  • Navigate to the URL in the address bar and copy the page name. In the URL, the page name can be found between facebook.com/ and ?.
Note: If this method does not work, you can enter your Facebook company page ID instead.

Provide your Twitter Handle

Location Action
Enter your Twitter handle without the @ symbol.

Find your YouTube Channel ID

Location Action
To find your YouTube Channel ID, follow the steps in YouTube Help: YouTube User ID and Channel ID

Find your LinkedIn company ID

Location Action
To retrieve your Company ID,
  • Search for your company page in LinkedIn.
  • Navigate to the URL at the top of your company page.
  • Copy the number immediately following 'www.linkedin.com/company/' and before the question mark.

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