Klip Gallery: Google+

Google+ is a place to connect with friends, family, and explore all of your interests.

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Google+ connection flow

In order to associate your data with the Klip you add to your dashboard from the Gallery, you will need:

  • Your Google Token

To add a Google+ Klip to your dashboard:

Location Action
Once you have selected a Google+ Klip from the Gallery, use the drop-down menu to Select a token or Create a new OAuth token.

Tip: You have one OAuth token for all your Google platforms. Only the newest Google token works; old tokens are automatically disabled when new ones are created.
In the dialog box, choose the Google account that you use Google+ with.
You now have an OAuth token. For example, George @ Google. To learn more, see Managing OAuth Tokens.

Click Add Klip, or, if you are adding the Recent Activities Klip, click Next Step.
For the Recent Activities Klip, enter a search term that interests you. For multiple search terms, use + between the terms and no spaces.

Click Add Klip

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