Klip Gallery: Chargify

Your relationships with recurring billing customers last for years. Chargify keeps all subscriber activity, and your cash flow, running smoothly!

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Chargify connection flow

In order to associate your data with the Klip you add to your dashboard from the Gallery, you will need:

  • Your Chargify API Key
  • Your Chargify Account Name

To add a Chargify Klip to your dashboard:

Location Action
To begin, you are asked for your Chargify API Key and Account Name.

To find your Account Name and API Key, open a new tab and sign in to your Chargify account.
To find your Account Name,
  1. In Chargify, navigate to the address bar.
  2. Copy your account name from the URL and paste it into Klipfolio.
Note: Your account name must be in the exact same format as in your Chargify URL.
To find your API Key,
  1. In Chargify, click your account name.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select API Access.
  1. On the left-side menu, select API Access.
  2. Copy your current API Key or generate an API Key
  3. Paste it into Klipolio.
Now that you have your Chargify Account Name and API Key, click Add Klip.

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