Klip Gallery: CallRail

Callrail is a phone call tracking, recording and analytics system that helps you know what makes the phone ring.

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CallRail connection flow

In order to associate your data with the Klip you add to your dashboard from the Gallery, you will need:

  • Your CallRail API Key

To add a CallRail Klip to your dashboard:

Location Action
To begin, you are asked for your CallRail API Key.

Note: To access the API Key, you must have Admin access to your CallRail account.
  1. Open a new tab and sign in to your CallRail account.
  2. On the CallRail homepage, select My Account.
  3. In the My Account dropdown menu, select Account.

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  1. Select the Account dropdown menu.
  2. Select API Access.

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  1. Create a new API Key and/or copy your API Key and paste it into Klipfolio.
  2. In Klipfolio, click Next Step.

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  1. Select a company from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click Add Klip.
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