Troubleshooting tips: Adding Klips from the Klip Gallery

Why can’t I add a Klip from the Klip Gallery to my chosen dashboard?

You may try to add a Klip from the Gallery, only to receive the following error message: Owner of the "Dashboard" does not have permissions to use this Klip.

The Klip has been created and is in your Library, but you cannot add it to a dashboard that you are not the owner of (even if you have editor privileges).

How do I fix this?

In order to successfully add the Klip to your chosen dashboard,

  • Navigate to the Library.

  • Select the Klip that you can't add.
  • Select Sharing.
  • Share the Klip with the group the owner of the dashboard.

  • Select Add to my Dashboard.

Why can’t I click Next Step?

When adding a Klip from the Gallery, Next Step might be unclickable even though you're ready to move on.

Scenario 1

You've authenticated successfully with your service, because you see a green checkmark. You're ready to click Next Step, but you can't.


Try refreshing the page.

Scenario 2

Or, you've copied an ID number from the service you want to get data from, and pasted into the text box in Klipfolio. Despite the fact that your ID is in the text box, Next Step is unclickable.


Try adding a space, or erasing the last character and typing it back in. This should make Next Step appear.