Klip Gallery: Instagram

See your Instagram activity all at once.

Looking to add pre-built Klips and Dashboards to your account?
See the Klipfolio Integrations Page.

Instagram connection flow

In order to associate your Instagram data with the Klip you add to your dashboard from the Gallery, you will need:

  • Instagram username and password
  • A Instagram OAuth Token
  • Depending on the Klip: A hashtag or User ID.

To add a Instagram Klip to your dashboard:



Select a Instagram Klip from the Gallery.

Select Add to Dashboard.
Use the drop-down menu to Select a Token or Create a new OAuth token.
To create a new OAuth token, log into your Instagram account in the pop-up window.
You now have an OAuth token. For example, George @ Instagram.

Note: OAuth Tokens provide a way to connect to third party web sites without compromising the privacy of your access credentials. To learn more, see Managing OAuth Tokens.

Click Add Klip, or, if you are adding Latest Posts and/or Similar Tags follow the additional steps below.
For Latest Posts, select your Instagram account name from the drop-down list.
For Similar Tags, enter the hashtag you would like to track, without the pound sign.
Click Add Klip.
Voila! Enjoy your Klip.

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