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Klipfolio’s Google Ads Klips allow you to monitor your ad spend and performance for your search marketing campaigns.

Looking to add pre-built Google Ads Klips and Dashboards to your account?
See the Google Ads Integrations Page.

What you'll need:

  • Your Google Ads credentials or an existing OAuth token

Google Ads connection flow

To associate your data with the Klip you add to your dashboard from the Gallery, you will need:

  • The credentials to the Google account that you want to use Google Ads with or an existing Google OAuth token.
  • Your Google Ads Customer ID or Account ID.

To find your Google Ads Customer ID or Account ID:

You need to find your Google Ads Customer ID. If you manage accounts, then you will need to enter an Account ID.

  • You can find both IDs in your Google Ads Account: Your Customer ID will be in the top-right corner, and the Account IDs will be in the Accounts list.
  • Once you've entered your ID in Klipfolio, click Add Klip.

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About the Google Ads Campaign Performance Klip


Reach your advertising goals by tracking each Ads campaign individually and monitor campaign performance using detailed metrics.

Where does the data come from?

This data comes from the specific Ads campaign that you chose when adding the Klip. After authenticating your account from Ads, your data source will include everything from clicks to average cost per conversion. Your new data source will populate your Klip with accurate data that refreshes regularly.

What time periods can I track?

Hone in on your data using the time period drop-down menu. Every time you choose a time period, the previous period will update accordingly. Let’s take a look at how the time period you choose compares to the previous period metric on your Klip:

Time Period (Select One) Previous Period
Today Yesterday
Yesterday The day before yesterday
Last 7 Days Previous 7 days
This Week to date Same period last week
Last Week The week before last
This Month to date Same period last month
Last Month The month before last

About “Predicted”

The Predicted metric is calculated to forecast where you will finish by the end of your chosen time period if you continue to perform at the current rate.

Note: The Predicted metric is only calculated for this month and this week.

Klip Components

Gauge 1 - Spend: See how much you’ve spent on your Google Ads campaign against your budget.

Gauge 2 - Conversion: Track the number of conversions. Enter a monthly target that is a benchmark for your team.

Gauge 3 - Cost per Conversion: Track your cost per conversion. It’s calculated by dividing your spend by your conversions. Use your monthly target as a benchmark.

Conversion Trend Klip: Bring your gauges to life with a trend line so that you can easily identify issues and opportunities. This bar/line chart displays your daily conversions and cost per conversion during your chosen time period.

About the coloured indicators in the gauges

The gauges in your Klip display coloured indicators to show how well your campaigns are performing against your monthly targets. Here’s what the colours mean on the Conversions gauge:

Red Blue Green
Your gauge is red if your data is threatening to miss your monthly target by more than 10%. Your gauge is within 10% of your monthly target. Green means your data is on track to surpass your monthly target. Yay!


The Spend and Cost per Conversion gauges are the opposite colour sequence. They start out green and eventually turn red, because the less you spend, the better!


About Targets

If you didn't enter a Cost Per Conversion target on your Klip, it is calculated as:
Budget ÷ Conversion Target= Cost Per Conversion Target

If you didn't enter a Monthly Budget on your Klip, it is calculated as:
Daily Facebook Ads Budget × the number of days in a month

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