Klip Gallery: Google Analytics

Choose from a selection of Google Analytics Klips for at-a-glance insight on your website and digital marketing performance.

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Google Analytics connection flow

In order to associate your Google Analytics data with the Klip you add to your dashboard from the Gallery, you will need:

  • A Google Analytics OAuth Token

To add a Google Analytics Klip to your dashboard, ensure that you have two windows open:

  • Klipfolio 
  • Your Google Analytics account

To add a Google Analytics Klip to your dashboard:

Location Action
Choose a Google Analytics Klip from the list and select Add to Dashboard.

Use the drop-down menu to Select a token or Create a new OAuth token.

To create a new OAuth token, choose the Google account that you use Google Analytics with.

Tip: You have one OAuth token for all your Google platforms. Only the newest Google token works; old tokens are automatically disabled when new ones are created.
You now have an OAuth token. For example, George @ Google. To learn more, see Managing OAuth Tokens.

Click Next Step.
Select an Analytics Account, Web Property and Analytics Profile from the drop-down list.

Click Add Klip.
Voila! Enjoy your Klip.

Where do I find my Campaign Name?

You will need to find your campaign name in Google Analytics for the Campaign Stats Klip. To find your campaign name, log into Google Analytics, and under Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns, copy a campaign name from the list and paste it into the Campaign Stats text box in Klipfolio.

About the Top Posts by Pageviews and Conversion Rate Klip

Why do we ask if you send new subscribers to a thank you page? Well, this Klip is based on the goals you set in Google Analytics. It uses data from the Reverse Goal Path report in Google Analytics, where you discover which pages your users visited before they reached one of your goals, such as subscribing to a blog.

If you send users to a thank-you page after they subscribe, the second column in the Google Analytics Reverse Goal Path report will show what page they were on when they completed that goal.

If you don’t send users to a thank-you page, the first column in the Google Analytics report will show what page they were on when they subscribed.

By asking you this question, we ensure that the Klip uses the correct column for the calculation.

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