Adding a pre-built Klip from the Klip Gallery

Instead of starting from scratch when building a dashboard, you simply choose from a list of predefined Klips for common services that answer key business questions like:

  • How is my marketing funnel performing?
  • How many connections do I have in LinkedIn and from what industries?
  • Who are my most engaged fans on Facebook?

The Klip Gallery is a library of predefined visualizations for popular cloud data sources designed to accelerate dashboard creation. The Gallery makes it faster and easier to build a dashboard and yields many benefits including:

  • The Klips in the Gallery use common metrics as a best practice.
  • Your data appears in a visualization in just seconds when you use your credentials to activate a Klip in the Gallery.
  • The Klip Gallery makes it easy to combine multiple Klips using the same or different services. For example, the funnel Klip available in the Gallery combines metrics from both Google Analytics and Salesforce.
  • The Klip Gallery makes it possible for you to easily and quickly show your colleagues the power of dashboarding your data.
  • The calculations and formulas used in the Gallery Klips are fully customizable.

Note: The in-app link to the Klip Gallery includes Klipfolio branding. White-Label customers should use this link to access the Klip Gallery.

Working with the Klip Gallery

Adding a Klip from the Gallery is simple and fast. See Klipfolio data source integrations for a complete list.

To add a Klip from the Gallery:

  1. Log into Klipfolio.
  2. Open a dashboard.
  3. On the Dashboard panel, select Add a Klip.
  4. Select from the screen the metric you want to measure.
  5. Enter your credentials to access the data source(s).
  6. When prompted, customize the Klip as needed.

A Klip with your data will appear in seconds on your dashboard.

Available Klips

We are continuously adding Klips to the Gallery from a variety of services. These include Klips for data from:

  • Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram;
  • Newsletter platforms like Mailchimp;
  • Help desk software like UserVoice; Google marketing tools like Google Analytics and AdWords;
  • Other services like Salesforce, Optimizely, Bitly, FluidSurveys, New Relic, and Pingdom.
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