Creating a SurveyGizmo Data Source

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Authentication Method

OAuth Token Authentication
Response Format JSON

API Limits

By default, SurveyGizmo returns a maximum of 50 records per query. To retrieve more records, pagination is required.

Pagination Method

SurveyGizmo returns a maximum of 50 records per query and each response returns the following values which can be used in pagination calculations:


To return more records, use the page and resultsperpage parameters (refer to the Filters section of the SurveyGizmo API guide for instructions on which parameter to use with which object).

For example, to return more than 50 records for the survey object, append &resultsperpage=n where n <= 500 (the maximum allowed by SurveyGizmo) to the query.

To return data beyond the first 500 records, use the page and resultsperpage parameters. For example, to return the 51st-100th records: 


Date Parameters

Results return dates in format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss



To create a SurveyGizmo data source:

  1. Go to the Data Sources Library, click Create a New Data Source and select SurveyGizmo from the Connector Gallery.

  1. Either pick a data request or choose to build your own.
  2. Select Connect new account and enter your SurveyGizmo username and password.
    Note: Make sure your Survey Gizmo plan includes API access.
  1. To write your Query URL, refer to SurveyGizmo API Documentation and our Guide to REST API data sources.
  1. set Data Format to JSON.
  2. set Method to GET.
  3. Click Get Resource, validate the data returned and click Continue to save your SurveyGizmo data source.

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