Use Lighthouse as a data source


Connector Type REST/URL
Authentication Basic HTTP Authentication
Sample Query Always call the API based on the domain of your account. For example
API Documentation Lighthouse API documentation


Creating a data source using Lighthouse

To create a data source using Lighthouse, you need to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Start the data source creation process.
  • Authenticate with Lighthouse.
  • Write a query and enter it in Klipfolio.
  • Set up your data source. 

Step 1: Start the data source creation process

To create a data source using Lighthouse, go to the Connector Gallery page in Klipfolio and select Lighthouse.

Step 2: Authenticate with Lighthouse

You'll need to authenticate with an API Token from Lighthouse.

To find your Lighthouse API token, you will need to log into your Lighthouse account. Refer to the following instructions by Lighthouse: How do I get an API Token.

Here is a sample API token: e4707bc704cd388fb374d7f55cf75386cfeb3b56

Note: API Token is also referred to as API key.

Step 3: Write the query and enter it in Klipfolio 

Refer to the Lighthouse API Documentation to help you write a query. This is what a typical Lighthouse API query looks like in Klipfolio, however, you can also build your own query:

https://<yourSubDomain> where: https://<yourSubDomain> is the endpoint URL and /projects.json is the API method.

Note: When writing your query, replace '<yourSubDomain>' with a subdomain.

For example:

Step 4: Set up your data source

  1. At URL, enter your Lighthouse domain name, for example https://<yourSubDomain>
  2. At Data Format, select JSON (Depending on your query, Lighthouse also provides data in XML format).
  3. At Method, select GET.
  4. Select Query Parameters. Under Value, enter your API key.

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