Use Moz as a data source


Data Source Type: REST/URL
API Documentation: Moz API documentation

Get your Moz data in Klipfolio

To create a data source using Moz, go to the Connector Gallery page in Klipfolio and select Moz.

Anatomy of a Moz query in Klipfolio

This is what a typical Moz API query looks like in Klipfolio, however, you can also build your own query:{hash.getExpiryTime(240);}&Signature={hash.append("mozscape-b12345ee").appendNewLine().append(hash.getExpiryTime(240)).encodeHmacSha1
("1234567abc12d123d123f3abcfe1234c3").encodeBase64().encodeURL().printDigest();} <width= "100%"="">

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To learn more about the anatomy of a Moz query, see Anatomy of a Mozscape API Call.

Mozscape API Key and Secret Key

To generate your Mozscape API Key and Secret Key, navigate to Manage Mozscape API Key. Or you can also generate your keys within your Moz account: Create and Manage your Account.

Signed Authentication

Moz API queries require hashed signatures. To learn more, see Signed Authentication, and Use Hash Helper to connect to data sources .

Paid vs. Free

Moz provides free and paid access to endpoints. For example, there is free access to specific URL metrics, link metrics, and metadata and paid access for anchor text metrics and top pages. For more information, see Free vs Paid Access to the Mozscape API.

Cols parameter (optional)

Use the Cols parameter to specify which metrics you want to return. Each metric comes with a bit flag value. You can retrieve more than one metric by summing each bit flag value together. For a list of metrics and their values, see URL Metrics for Moz.

Once you have finished writing your query, set the request message format:

  1. At data format, select JSON.
  2. Select the Method that is appropriate to the query. In our example, GET.
  3. Select Submit.

Batched Calls (optional)

When making a batched call for competitor metrics,

  1. Do not enter a target URL in the Query.
  2. At Method, select POST.
  3. At Body, enter the URLs you would like to track.
  4. Select Submit.

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Now that you have these examples, go ahead and use Moz API documentation to try other Moz queries and parameters.

Important concepts:

These articles provide an overview of important concepts for connecting to data sources: