Use FluidSurveys as a data source


Data Source Type: REST/URL
Authentication: Basic HTTP Authentication
Sample Query
API Documentation FluidSurveys API Documentation
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Creating a data source using FluidSurveys

To create a data source using FluidSurveys data, you need to accomplish four tasks:

  • Start the data source creation process.
  • Find your survey ID.
  • Write a query and enter it in Klipfolio.
  • Authenticate with FluidSurveys.

Step 1: Start the data source creation process

To create a data source using FluidSurveys, go to the Connector Gallery page in Klipfolio and select FluidSurveys.

Step 2: Authenticate with FluidSurveys

  1. At Username, enter your FluidSurveys username.
  2. At Password, enter your FluidSurveys password.

Step 3: Find your survey ID

If you need a survey ID to complete your query, you can find it in your FluidSurveys account.

To find your survey ID,

  1. Open a new tab in your browser and go to
  2. Login to your FluidSurveys account.
  3. Select the survey from which you would like to retrieve data.
  4. Navigate to the URL and copy the survey ID.
  5. In Klipfolio, paste the survey ID into the query.

Step 4: Write a query and enter it in Klipfolio

Refer to the FluidSurveys API Docs to learn more about writing a query. Here is a query sample to get you started.

NOTE: The code fragment csv?_comma_separated=true added to the query sample below is extremely important as it allows you to retrieve your survey results in a usable CSV format. Don't forget to add it to any other queries you put forth!

To get survey IDs

When you have written a query, enter it into Klipfolio.

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