How do I manually update data sources?


Our recent redesign simplifies the data transfer experience by combining raw and modelled data sources into a single object - data feeds.
If you see Data Feeds in the left navigation sidebar, go to this article.
These new features are being released gradually. If you don't see them in your account yet - no worries - they’re coming soon!


Klipfolio enables you to update data sources so your visualizations always display the most current information. When you update a data source, any visualizations using that data source are automatically updated to reflect the changes made to the source file.

If a data source is a local file that was uploaded from your computer and changes are made to that file, you need to manually update the data source.

To manually update a data source:

  1. Click Data Sources in the left navigation sidebar to open your list of data sources.

If you don’t see the above option, go to the bottom of the left navigation sidebar and click your Account Name > Data Sources instead.

  1. Select the data source you want to update and, beside Queue for Refresh, click Re-Upload Now.

The data source and any visualizations that use it are updated.

If a data source is failing to refresh, an alert icon will display. Go here for more information.

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