Klips: Writing formulas using formula references in the Klip Editor

Formula references enable you to refer to formulas applied to columns, series, and other sub-components within the same Klip (this includes multi-component Klips). Formula references refer to formulas before actions (for example, filtering and grouping) or date properties are applied.

Note: If you want to reference a formula after actions or date properties are applied, use results references.

In the image below, the formula or data selection: @B:B, is evaluated using the lightning bolt button on the far right of the formula bar. The Evaluation Results display the dates as the formula output. However, the dates shown in the Klip preview have a different format because a date property was applied.

Formula reference always refers to the formula output or the Evaluation Result of the formula. 

Although formula references save time in creating duplicate formulas, every formula reference is recalculated which means there is no efficiency gained in executing the formula by using a formula reference. This does not apply to results references. 

To use a formula reference: 

  1. Type ! into the formula bar.
  2. Select the sub-component with the formula you want to reference from the drop-down list. 

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