SPLICE function

SPLICE( values , index , count , insert )

SPLICE creates a new column of values containing all values from the beginning of the original values column to the index, removes count values from the original at index, optionally inserts the insert column of values at index, and includes all the original values after index + count.


The example in this section uses this data set. 

  A B
1 Height Weight
2 4 100
3 4.5 150
4 5 200
3 5.5 250
4 6 300

Use the SPLICE function to add and position a value or values from one column to another column of data

Note: One value must be removed in the destination column.


SPLICE( SLICE( B:B ) , 2 , 1 , A2 )


100, 150, 4, 250, 300

Where B:B is the destination column, 2 is the position in the destination column, 1 is the number of values removed from the destination column, and A2 is the value added to the destination column.

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