AND function

You can filter your visualization based on multiple conditions without the use of formulas. Using the More Actions menu allows you to apply these actions directly in your visualization. See the More Actions article to learn how to use these actions with Series, Axes, and Hidden Data.


The AND function tests each value in condition and performs the boolean operation of AND on the results.

The AND function returns TRUE if all conditions are TRUE. It returns FALSE if any of the conditions are FALSE.

The syntax for the AND function is:

AND ( condition )


condition The value you want to test.  The result can be either true or false. vector

AND example

Let's look at an AND function example.





1 Apples Green 10
2 Pears Yellow 20
3 Apples Red 30
4 Pears Green 40

The following example is based on the above text from an Excel spreadsheet:

SELECT( C:C , AND( ( A:A = "Apples" ) , ( B:B = "Green" )))   

-> [10]

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