Building a Bar/Line Chart with a secondary y axis

A bar and line chart allows you to show one or more series of data as a bar chart, line chart, or combination of both. For this example, actual and budgeted sales are displayed as different colored bars, and the number of website visitors is brought in using a Google Analytics data source and displayed as a line using a different y axis.



You can click the following links to download the training data source files. Foods Income.xlsx Analytics Data Source.csv

Building and configuring a bar/line chart

  1. Click the Build a New Klip button.
  2. Select the Bar/Line Chart component.
  3. Select Use an existing data source from the library and select one of our training sample data sets.

    Tip: You can add the other data source by clicking Add Data source within the Klip Editor.

  4. Select the Klip component and in the Properties panel, enter a name for the Klip Title. For example, Sales and Marketing Performance YTD.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. Click the Finished button.