Company Properties

A Company Property associates an attribute with an individual client. As with User Properties, Company Properties can be used like any other variable, except they are set on client login, not by a User Input Control. Like a variable, they can be used to filter the data displayed in a Klip or in a dynamic data source query. Client Properties apply client account-wide.

Using Company Properties to simplify client management

Company Properties allow a Partner to easily manage Client accounts that use the same dashboards with client-specific data.

To accelerate new client creation, a Partner will often create a master set of dashboards, Klips and data sources for use in multiple Client accounts and to provide a starting point for working with Klipfolio. Company Properties enable a Partner to create a dynamic data source query that uses a client-specific variable, such as a Google Analytics Profile ID, an API key or any unique identifier.

When a new Client imports 100 data sources that use a Company Property, the Partner is assured that the Client is working with the right data.

Creating a Company Property

With Admin privileges, you can create a Company Property:

  1. Click on your Account name and select AccountCompany.
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Click Add New Company Property and fill in the Property Name and Company Value

Using Company Properties in data source queries

The following example data sources shows a standard query that references the actual customer profile ID and one using a variable. In the second example, instead of using a real profile ID, a Company Property named gaProfile is used instead. In each account (Parent and Client), the same Company Property is used, but it is populated with the actual profile ID for the client or partner.

Standard Data Source Query

Dynamic Data Source Query using a Company Property{props.gaProfile}&dimensions=ga:date&metrics=ga:users

When the data source is imported into the Client account, the Company Property in the data source query is populated with the value assigned to the Client.

When you set up a data source that uses a Company Property, you can assign that Company Property a value in the partner Account as well as Client accounts. When you import the dynamic data source into a Client account, the Company Property will be populated with the assigned value and the data source will return client-specific data.

NOTE: For data sources that require authentication (such as OAuth), the data sources imported into a Client may need to be reconfigured because the new instance of the data source (after import) uses the same authentication as the original data source. If the original data source does not have access to the client-specific data, the data source will need to be reconfigured.

If you need to reconfigure a data source, follow the steps in How to edit or reconfigure a data source.

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