What’s the difference between viewing a dashboard in the app and viewing a published link to a dashboard?

Klipfolio offers the ability for customers to publish a dashboard (with or without a password) as a shareable link. A published dashboard can be shared with many viewers. Dashboards published as links are ideal for customers who use wallboards displaying one dashboard per display, who need to share their dashboard with a broader group within their organization, or who wish to share with external users. All recipients of the published link, regardless of their role permissions, can see dashboards in full-screen mode in their browser.

Published dashboards may not be suitable for all use cases or customers. Security and flexibility are limited with published dashboards. The viewer role in Klipfolio is set up to be part of a sharing mechanism for a specific set of content. This enables users who view dashboards in-app (in contrast to via published links) to see more than one dashboard at a time. In addition, the properties associated with a viewer role automatically filter content to reflect their context.

See the matrix below to compare the relative strengths of each option.

Security Klipfolio viewer role Published link viewer
See who is accessing your dashboard Yes No
Password Yes Optional
Login required Yes No
IP Range Restriction (if set up) Yes Yes
Share with/distribute to other non-users No Yes
Searchability restricted (not searchable by web crawlers) Yes


Convenience and usability Klipfolio viewer role Published link viewer
Interaction (User Input Controls, drill down, tool tips) Yes Yes
Multiple dashboards Yes No
Save last spot (retain your context) Yes No (each access starts at the same point)
Filter based on user (User Properties) Yes No (reflects properties of the dashboard at the time it was published)
View Klip Comments Yes No
Mobile App (‘in the labs’) Yes No (requires Klipfolio account)
Ability to add, reuse or replace dashboards via a hyperlink Yes No. (It is not possible to add, reuse or replace dashboards shared as published links.)

*Note: If you select the Visibility option of Public and available via search when creating a published link, your dashboard can be indexed and searched by search engines and will be available to anyone on the Internet. A link to the public URL may also appear on the Klipfolio.com site. See this article for more information

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