Checklist for adding new Klips users

Use this checklist to make sure everything is set up properly on your dashboard before you add new users to your account.

Step 1. Build Klips and arrange them on dashboards

Create Klips and dashboards so that when users log in to your account, they have something to view.

Refer to the following articles for help with this step:

Step 2. Set up groups for your account

Groups determine what a user can access when they log in to Klipfolio. For example, if they belong to the "Marketing" group they will see all Klips, dashboards, and data sources shared with that group. Groups are also important because they enable you to set up default dashboards (see below).

Note: To simplify cross-company sharing, all users in your account are automatically added to All Users. When users are added or removed from your account, the "All Users" list is automatically updated.

  • Learn more about creating groups here.

Step 3. Share dashboards and Klips with groups

There are a few areas in Klipfolio from which you can share Klips and dashboards. The method you choose is optional but can depend on whether you want to share single or multiple Klips and dashboards.

Sharing a single Klip or dashboard

To share a single Klip or a single dashboard, click on its 3-dot menu and select Share > Share with users. In the Share window, enter group names with which you want to share the Klip or the dashboard. You can also set the group's access to the Klip or dashboard here.

Sharing single or multiple Klips or dashboards

In the left navigation sidebar, click either Klips or Dashboards. Your list of Klips or dashboards displays. Select the checkbox(es) for the Klips or dashboards you want to share and then click Share.

In the Share window, enter group names with which you want to share the Klip or the dashboard. You can also set the group's access to the Klip(s) or dashboard(s) here.

  • Learn more about sharing Klips here.
  • Learn more about sharing dashboards here.

Step 4. Set default dashboards for each group

When you share Klip dashboards using this method, you choose default dashboard settings for a group or groups. You select which dashboards you want group members to see in their account, as well as the order in which the dashboards will display, and the group's access to them.

Each group you create can have up to 5 default dashboards associated with them. 

Learn more about setting up default dashboards for groups here.

Step 5. Optional: Set up custom roles for your account

Roles enable you to assign a set of permissions to each user. These permissions enable users to perform specific actions in Klipfolio.  You can select from one of the built-in roles of Admin, Editor, and View-Only or you can create your own custom role(s). Note: In some Klips accounts, these built-in roles are called Account Administrator, Klips Editor, and Klips Viewer.

If you want to use custom roles for any of your users, you should create the role(s) first (before adding the users). Otherwise, the custom role option won't be available to select while you're adding the associated user(s).

  • Learn more about roles and permissions here.
  • Learn more about custom roles here.

Step 6. Add users, assign roles, and add users to groups

In the process of adding a new user, you also assign the user to a role (or roles) and can optionally add them to a group (or groups).

  • Learn more about adding users here.
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