How to revert to an earlier version of a Klip


Klipfolio includes a revision history list that allows you to view and revert back to an earlier version of a Klip. The list of revisions includes auto-saved Klips and the last five times you saved a Klip.

Restoring your Klip to a previous version does not eliminate any Klip versions. Rather, the restored version moves to the top of the revision history list.

Reverting to an earlier version of a Klip

How to revert to an earlier version of a Klip

    1. In the Klip Editor, select the Save and Exit arrow to see more options.
    2. Select View Recent Revisions to access a list of recent revisions (or use the keyboard shortcut of Alt+B).

  1. Click a revision date to view the previous version of a Klip.
  2. Verify that the Klip version is the version you want restored.
  3. Select the Save and Exit arrow.
  4. Select Save (or use the keyboard shortcut Alt+S).

Important: You must save a Klip before a revision replaces the current Klip.

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