Klip Gallery: Searchmetrics Suite

Searchmetrics is a search engine optimization tool. It operates the Searchmetrics Suite, an SEO platform that offers a holistic consulting approach to helping companies develop and execute intelligent, long term digital marketing and content strategies.

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Searchmetrics Suite connection flow

In order to add an Searchmetrics Suite Klip with your data to your dashboard, you will need:

  • Your Searchmetrics API Key
  • Your Searchmetrics API Secret

To add a Searchmetrics Suite Klip to your dashboard:

Location Action
  • Select a Searchmetrics Suite Klip from the Gallery.
  • In the Connect to Services dialog box, you are asked for your Searchmetrics API Key and Secret.
  • To find your Searchmetrics API Key and API Secret, login to your Searchmetrics Suite account.
  • In Searchmetrics Suite, select the Settings dropdown menu.
  • Select My API.
  • Copy your API Key and API Secret and paste it into Klipfolio.
  • Click Next Step.
  1. In the Data source settings dialog box, enter your domain or subomain and (depending on the Klip), and competitor domain name(s).
  2. Depending on your Klip, choose a Country Code. This allows you to see your domain rankings in a certain country.

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