Klip Gallery: Facebook Ads

The Klip Gallery for Facebook Ads provides key information on your Facebook advertising campaigns.

In order to associate your Facebook data with your Klip Gallery template, you will need:

  • A Facebook OAuth Token
  • Your Facebook Ads Page ID

Looking to add pre-built Klips and Dashboards to your account?
See the Klipfolio Integrations Page.

Facebook Ads connection flow

In order to associate your data with the Klip you add to your dashboard from the Gallery, you will need:

  • Your Facebook credentials
  • A Facebook OAuth Token

To add a Facebook Klip to your dashboard, ensure that you have two windows1 open:

  • Klipfolio 
  • Your Facebook Ads page

To add a Facebook Ads Klip to your dashboard:

Location Action
Choose a Facebook Ads Klip from the list.

Select Add to Dashboard.
Use the drop-down menu to Select a token or Create a new OAuth token.
To create a new OAuth token, approve the Facebook permissions by selecting Okay.

Note: OAuth Tokens a way to connect to third party web sites without compromising the privacy of your access credentials. To learn more, see Managing OAuth Tokens.
You now have an OAuth token. For example, George @ Facebook.

Click Next Step.
Select your Facebook Ads account name from the drop-down list.
Click Add Klip.
Voila! Enjoy your Klip.

About the Facebook Ads Campaign Performance Klips


Discover your Facebook Ads campaign performance and make sure your message is reaching the right audience. Track your conversion data against your monthly targets, and compare the predicted conversion rate to the previous period.

Where does the data come from?

This Klip uses data from active campaigns in your Facebook Ads account.

What time periods can I track?

Hone in on your data using the time period drop-down menu. Every time you choose a time period, the previous period will update accordingly. Let’s take a look at how the time period you choose compares to the previous period:

Time Period (Select One) Previous Period
Today Yesterday
Yesterday The day before yesterday
Last 7 Days Previous 7 days
This Week to date Same period last week
Last Week The week before last
This Month to date Same period last month
Last Month The month before last

About “Predicted”

The ‘Predicted’ metric is calculated to forecast where you will finish by the end of your chosen time period if you continue to perform at the current rate.

Klip Components

Gauge 1 - Spend: See how much you’ve spent on your Facebook Ads campaign against your budget.

Gauge 2 - Conversion: Track the number of conversions. Enter a monthly target that is a benchmark for your team.

Gauge 3 - Cost per Conversion: Track your cost per conversion. It’s calculated by dividing your spend by your conversions. Use your monthly target as a benchmark.

Conversion Trend: Bring your gauges to life with a trend line so that you can easily identify issues and opportunities. This bar/line chart compares your daily conversions and cost per conversion during your chosen time period.

About the coloured indicators in the gauges

The gauges in your Klip display coloured indicators to show how well your campaigns are performing against your monthly targets and budget. Here’s what the colours mean on the Conversions gauge:

Red Blue Green
Your gauge is red if your data is threatening to miss your monthly target by more than 10%. Your gauge is within 10% of your monthly target. Green means your data is on track to surpass your monthly target. Yay!


The Spend and Cost per Conversion gauges are the opposite colour sequence. They start out green and eventually turn red, because the less you spend, the better it is!


About Targets

If you didn't enter a Cost Per Conversion target on your Klip, it is calculated as:
Budget ÷ Conversion Target= Cost Per Conversion Target

If you didn't enter a Monthly Budget on your Klip, it is calculated as:
Daily Facebook Ads Budget × the number of days in a month

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