Creating a Toggl Data Source


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API Documentation Toggl API Documentation

Authentication Method

Basic HTTP Authentication
Response Format JSON

API Limits

Toggl returns a maximum of 50 records per query. To retrieve a specific set of records, specify a date range in the query or, to retrieve more records, pagination is required.

Pagination Method

Toggl returns a maximum of 50 records per query and a total_count value to indicate the total number of records. Refer to Data Sources with Multiple Pages for details on how to handle pagination.
Date Parameters since=yyyy-MM-dd
Sample Queries


You must have an active Toggl account.


To create a Toggl data source,

  1. Go to your list of data sources, click Create a New Data Source and select Toggl from the Connector Gallery.

  1. You will be prompted to type a Username and Password. 
    • At Username, enter your API token (found under My Profile in your Toggl account)
    • set Password to "api_token" (without quotes)
    • click Next Step
  1. To write your Query URL, refer to Toggl API documentation and our Guide to REST API data sources as well as the following examples (orange text indicates values to be replaced with your specific values).

    • set Data Format to JSON
    • set Method to GET
  1. Click Submit, validate the data returned and click Continue to save your Toggl data source.

Where to find your Workspace ID

You can find your Workspace ID by running the Workspaces query in Klipfolio.

On the authentication page, remember to enter your API token in the first text box, and enter specifically api_token in the second text box.

Copy a workspace ID in the query results and use it in your other queries.

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