Creating a Harvest Data Source


Available in the Connector Gallery

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API Documentation Harvest API documentation

Authentication Method

Basic HTTP Authentication
Response Format JSON/XML

API Limits

Refer to Harvest API Throttle Limit.

By default, the Invoices endpoint returns a maximum 50 records per query. To retrieve a specific set of records, specify a date range in the query or, to retrieve more records, pagination is required.

Pagination Method

By default, the Invoices endpoint returns a maximum 50 records per query. Because the response does not provide a total count of the records, we recommend filtering the query by date. Otherwise, the number of pages requested must be arbitrarily set in Klip formulas, however you must ensure this is the minimum number of pages expected so that no empty responses are returned. When empty responses are returned, null dynamic data source instances are created and this can cause unexpected results.

Refer to Data Sources with Multiple Pages for details on how to handle pagination.

Date Parameters


Sample Queries


  • You must have an active Harvest account.


To create a Harvest data source:

  1. Go to your list of data sources, click Create a New Data Source and select Harvest from the Connector Gallery.

  1. You will be prompted to type your Harvest Username and Password
  1. To write your Query URL, refer to Harvest API documentation and our Guide to REST API data sources as well as the following examples (orange text indicates values to be replaced with your specific values). Note that the updated_since parameter requires a URL encoded date/time value.

    • set Data Format to JSON
    • set Method to GET
  1. Click Submit, validate the data returned and click Continue to save your Harvest data source.

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