Use Talkwalker as a data source


Connector Type REST/URL 
Authentication OAuthToken Authentication
Sample Query Use an embed URL from Talkwalker.

Start the data source creation process

To create a data source using Talkwalker, go to the Connector Gallery page in Klipfolio and select Talkwalker.

Get the embed URL from Talkwalker

In order to bring your Talkwalker data into Klipfolio, you will need to copy a Talkwalker embed URL on the REST/URL page in Klipfolio.

Location Action
  • Open your Talkwalker account on another tab and log in.
  • On your Talkwalker home page, select Analytics.
  • Find the chart that you want to display in Klipfolio.
Select the ellipsis button of your chosen visualization.
In the drop-down menu, at Embed in another platform, select the data type you would like to retrieve, for example, CSV.

Note: You can choose other data types.

On the green popup, right-click on link.

Select Copy link address.
  • In Klipfolio, paste the URL on the REST/URL page.
  • At Data Format, select the format you chose in Talkwalker. In our example, CSV.
  • Click Get Resource.

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Learn More

Now that you have your data, here are some ideas on how to use it:

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