Managing OAuth tokens for connected accounts

OAuth is an open standard authentication method for providing secure access to web-accessible data. Many third-party services require an OAuth token to be included in their API request to ensure that a client application, such as Klipfolio, is authorized to access the data.

An OAuth token allows Klipfolio to access application data without requiring user credentials in the data source query. An OAuth token is generated as part of the workflow when creating a data source that requires OAuth authentication. By default, new OAuth tokens contain the date and time that they were created. This helps you distinguish between multiple tokens for the same service. When you create a new connection, you can optionally create a new name instead of using the default connection name. You can also modify the connection name after it’s been created. (See below.)

Note: Valid credentials are required to re-authorize tokens.

Managing OAuth Tokens

To view and manage your OAuth tokens, click your Account Name at the bottom of the left navigation sidebar and select Account > Connected Accounts. If you don’t see this option, click the button in the left navigation sidebar and select Connections. Select a token from the list to go to its details page.

On the Connected Account details page, you can:

  • Delete the OAuth token.
  • Re-Authorize the OAuth token if it has expired. The token may have expired and needs to be re-authorized if the data source using the token is no longer refreshing. This will be visible in the following ways:
  • Klips and metrics using the data source have stopped updating.
  • The data source's Refresh Status indicates a warning.
  • Displays in the header of Klips using the data source.

Click Edit to:

    • Modify the name and description for the connected account.
    • Select the check box beside Shared to share, enabling others in your account to connect using this token.

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