Use email attachments as a data source

A Klipfolio data source can be created and updated by email attachment. The file attachment must have an Excel, .csv, .json, or .xml file extension and must be the first attachment in the email. 

Note: Email attachment data sources are not currently supported in PowerMetrics.

Data Source Type Upload file from your computer
Data Connector Use the wizard to select a file from your computer
File Formats Supported Excel, CSV, JSON, XML
Email client Any email client
Use this email address to send third-party reports


  1. To create a data source using Email Attachment, go to the Service Connectors page in Klipfolio and select Email Attachment.

  1. The Configure your data source page displays.

Copy the email address provided, for example, This will be pasted into the address field of your email in the next step.

  1. In your email account:
  • Paste the email address provided. If your email provider does not allow the use of a plus sign (+) in an email address, you can use a hyphen (-) or an underscore (_) instead.
  • Attach your data source to the email (ensure it is the first attachment).
  • Send the email.
  • In the Configure your data source window, click Check Email Now. Klipfolio will check every 30 seconds until it receives the email and will display the attachment once it is received.
  • Verify the content, then click Continue.
  • Name the data source,  share the data source as required and click Save.

Troubleshooting an email attachment data source

If the first attachment in the email is not the intended Klipfolio data source (for example, if the first attachment is a company logo), you must specify which email attachment you want Klipfolio to use.

To specify which email attachment to use:

  1. Click Data Sources in the left navigation bar to open your list of data sources.

If you don’t see the above option, go to the bottom of the left navigation sidebar and click your Account Name > Data Sources instead.

  1. From your list of data sources, select the email attachment data source and click Reconfigure Connection > Advanced File Settings.
  2. Set the File format as required and type the Attachment Name.
  3. Click Re-Process File.
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