Tips for Success: Using Smartsheet data

Here are some tips from our Support Team on working with Smartsheet data in JSON format:

Data Selection

  1. You often need to get data from Smartsheet using the Column ID because if you don't, the column order can change. For example, it is important to note that /rows/cells[1]/value does not guarantee that the value is for the column you want. However, /rows/cells[columnId=1234454223]/value will always get you values for the specified column ID.
  2. The column id is a long number but you can get it by column title (assuming the column title is unique) with the following construct: columns[title="title of column you want"]

    For example, to get a value for the "PEI Values" column, you can do /rows/cells[columnId=/columns[title="PEI Values"]/id]/value

When the data is not in alignment, this is a trick we use: (NOTE: this will not be necessary if they return values for all cells)
/rows[descendant::cells/columnId=/columns[title="PEI Values"]/id]/cells[2]/value

To align the cell[2] values with the selected rowNumbers:

/rows/rowNumber[preceding-sibling::cells/columnId=/columns[title="PEI Values"]/id]

This can be tricky to understand if you aren't familiar with this type of data. If you get stuck, turn on support access with your account and let the support team know the name of the Klip.

Klip displays blank on the Dashboard

If you change the sheet name in a query you are using for a Smart Sheet data source, you will need to reselect all field references in your Klip's formulas. This is because the Klip's source code is still pointing to the old sheet name and needs to be updated to the new sheet name.

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