SUBSTRING function

The Klipfolio SUBSTRING function returns a sub-string of text from a string of text.

The syntax for the SUBSTRING function is:

SUBSTRING ( text , from , to )

Parameters or arguments

text    The text or numbers to be manipulated.

from   The start position specified as a number.

to        The end position specified as a number.

SUBSTRING examples

Let's look at some SUBSTRING function examples.



1 2012-12-10T17:11:35.411Z

The following examples are based on the above text contained in an Excel spreadsheet:

SUBSTRING( A1 , 0 , 10 )  

-> ["2012-12-10"]

SUBSTRING( A1 , 0 , 11 )  

-> ["2012-12-10T"]

SUBSTRING( A1 , 11 , to )

-> ["17:11:35.411Z"]

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