The CONCAT function joins two or more values into one text string.

The syntax for the CONCAT function is:

CONCAT (data )


data the values to join vector

Use the CONCAT function

The CONCAT function concatenates values into a string to create a custom series of values.

In the example below, the data between January and March is concatenated as a string of values for each city.  


NoteSLICE is used to remove the column headers.

To format a comma separated list as a mini chart 

The CONCAT function is commonly used to prepare data for use in a spark line, spark bar, or win/loss.

  1. Click the Properties tab.
  2. Select one of the following options from the Format as menu: spark line, spark bar, win/loss chart. 

Using the CONCAT function to display a series of URLs

The CONCAT function can be used to create a series of unique URLs in your Klip. This requires disambiguating a URL and using values from your data source to provide part of the URL.

In this example, the Wikipedia link is supplied at the beginning of the CONCAT function, with the city name being selected from the data source to point to the correct page.

Note: Check out the hyperlink article for more information.


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