Dashboard design considerations

A large part of effective dashboard design is managing:

Note that this article primarily refers to Klip dashboards (to which you can add both Klips and PowerMetrics). For the remainder of this article, we will refer to them simply as “dashboards”. PowerMetric dashboards are designed to display PowerMetrics only. Go here to learn more about PowerMetric dashboards.

The following parameters are key considerations when designing and managing your Klipfolio dashboards.

  • Number of Klips and PowerMetrics per dashboard: Each dashboard can contain up to 30 assets (Klips and PowerMetrics combined) of which up to 15 can be PowerMetrics. Keep in mind that more than 15 assets on a dashboard results in the need to scroll to find and view the ones you want. Another consideration is how many Klips and PowerMetrics per dashboard can be seen if you are using a wall display.


  • Number of dashboards on your account: You can have up to 60 dashboards on your account open at any point in time. However, the more dashboards you have open the more the readability of your dashboard names will be diminished. For this reason, we recommend keeping a much smaller set of dashboards open, not exceeding 30, to optimize the usability of your account and the ability of users to view and find dashboards.


  • Number of data sources per formula: Formulas can use up to 12 data sources. A benefit of using Klipfolio is the app’s ability to combine data sources in a single Klip. While we actively encourage this, we recognize that customers are also interested in the performance of their formulas and want to ensure users can access their data quickly. More data sources will be a contributing factor to slower performance for a Klip. This refers to the number of unique data sources per formula. Your Klip may have many formulas and could potentially have many more associated data sources.


  • Number of API calls per second: Klipfolio supports up to five requests per second. If you exceed this limit, any request you send will return a "429 (Too Many Requests)" error with an appropriate message.


  • Number of API calls per day: Check your Klipfolio payment plan to determine the number of Klipfolio API calls that are available for your account. Daily counts start at 12:00 am ET. If you require more than the current limit, please contact success@klipfolio.com. If you exceed this limit, any request you send will return a "429 (Too Many Requests)" error with an appropriate message.

If you have questions about API limits, please contact support@klipfolio.com.

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