"Embedded visualization not available" error when embedding a Klip

If the error message

   Embedded visualization not available

appears when embedding a klip, the issue may be one of the following:

Issue #1

The embedded access code is accessed from your local computer, instead of a web server. For example, C:\mycomputer\embed.html.

Make sure your embedded access code is coming from the web.

Issue #2

You included http:// in the domain URL. Simply remove http:// from the domain URL.

Refresh Rate for Embedded Klips

Each time you view an embedded Klip on a web page, Klipfolio checks to see if the Klip has been rendered within the last three hours. If the Klip has been rendered in three hours or less, the cached Klip data is presented to the viewer. If the Klip has not been rendered, the Klip will now be rendered using the current cached data from your Dashboard. You must log in to your Dashboard in order for the data source cache to refresh.

Publish Links

An alternative to embedding Klips is to use Publish Links. This feature allows you to publish your dashboard publically or privately to select groups or individuals. This option has a faster refresh rate than Embedded Klips.

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